[Elfsea] Lapidary equipment

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Sun Oct 6 11:35:20 PDT 2002

Greetings Phillipe!
If it is still available, I would love to have the lapidary equipment.
Tarkus would be able to get it going and we would give it a good home.
Gwenllian Grighid Hertewelle

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>Greetings all,
>Sorry if you get this multiple times.
>While cleaning out my garage I came across my rock cutter/grinder and
>various accessories that goes along with it and I have decided that I no
>longer want any of it.  The bearings in the cutter/grinder seen good enough
>and the blade may need some sharpening but it needs a motor (the original
>motor is now powering my dads table saw and he won't give it up) and a pump
>for the lubricant.
>The set was originally intended to use kerosene as a lubricant and cooling
>agent when cutting but I'm sure that someone can find something else with a
>little less fumes.  Right now what I'm offering the cutter/grinder, hosses
>and a big box of rocks for practicing on and a couple of odds and ends, I
>really don't know what'a in the box.  This is free to a good home for
>someone who wants to get into making jewelry and such or just experimenting
>just as long as you take care and not hurt yourself, this is a real blade
>and grinding wheel not a rock tumbler for smoothing.
>If interested please drop me a line.
>	Phelippe Descors
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Loch Ruadh Rocks!!

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