[Elfsea] reducing kingdom calendar events ( long)

Nolen Dale fairborn at swbell.net
Mon Oct 7 22:17:54 PDT 2002

I have read a great deal about the reduction of events for steppes and the
same topic has now come up in Elfsea. Here is a rather long missive on the
possibilites of changing the kingdom calendar to reduce the number of
kingdom calendar events. I will do my best to list pro's and cons. Hopefully
this will inspire productive and postive solutions that all groups in the
present and in the future may benefit.

1.Survival of the Fittest
This is the current status quo. No change in the number of calendar event
for any group. Reservations on the kingdom calendar are left to those that
are the quickest and most efficient. Those events that succeed are the ones
that have the best draw.

Pro: Nothing changes. No ones loses anything and no group loses any events.

Cons: The older events will always benefit from this scenario, and will hurt
newer events scheduled against it. Also it makes it incredibly difficult for
a new group to find a decent date on the calendar for anything within the
next18 Months. Also if you are not the quickest or the most efficient you
will lose in the race that is to get a good date on the kingdom calendar.

2. Share the wealth with the new group
This only takes place when a new group is founded in a region. One event
date already reserved by a group is forfeited to the new group. The caveat
on this would be that all groups within the region must be allowed to have
one calendar date for one event during that year. Only groups that have more
than one event on the kingdom calendar would face the possibility of losing
an event date. The group that loses the date could still try to find an
alternate date. An example (This is just an example I am not suggesting
this) Elfsea holds dates for three kingdom calendar events. A new group is
formed within the central region. The crown looks over the event dates for
those groups within the region of the new group that have more than one
event and decides to award the date for  Elfsea springfarie to the new
group. I would also suggest that event dates listed in kingdom law could not
be awarded to the new group.

Pro: Guarrantees a date within a year of a new group being formed. This can
be crucial for the start of a new group.
This only happens when a new group is formed and if no new group is formed
there is no change.
This would only happen once, after the first time the new group is
responsible for finding a date on the kingdom calendar.

Cons: The obvious con is the group that has been on the ball and reserved
the date loses the date to the new group and then is faced with the dilemma
of trying to find another date for there event. This can be very painful in
the short run.
This would only be a shortime solution for a new group. After the first
event, we would be back to the survial of the fittest scenario which can be
very hard for a new group to crack.

3. The Tiered Method
Every group gets to place one event on the calendar and all subsequent
events are secondary or put on hold until all group within that region has
one event in place on the kingdom calendar. In other words baronies get
their perpetual date, all other groups get one event they can shecdule and
no other group may schedule a second event until all the other groups in the
region have had there one event scheduled first. So until all groups have
one event on the calendar no one is awarded a second date on the calendar
for that region. This would also be true for second events for groups and on
up the tier.

Pro: All groups and even new ones get an equal chance within there region to
schedule one event. Baronies get there perpetual date as listed in kingdom
law as there one event. This scenario is extremely balanced in regards to
awarding intial kingdom calendar dates.

Cons: All groups that perpetually have that second event every year like
Steppes Twelth night, Stargate Yule revel, Bryn Gwald Baronial etc would be
eliminated from the calendar outright along with others until all the groups
within there region had at least one event. What do you do if one groups
decides that do not want an event that year? This scenario would definetly
cause problems for the older groups. This would also  be a nightmare to
coordinate with the kingdom calendar deputy.

4. Removing one event from each group and holding that event as a non
kingdom calendar event.
Basically groups that have two events or more would voluntarily remove one
event from the kingdom calendar and hold that event as a non kingdom
calendar event. This would clear up the kingdom calendar on a large scale.

Pros: This would instantly clear the calendar of many events and leave more
opportunity for all groups to find dates on the kingdom calendar. Local
calendar events still make money and the local group still gets to hold
there event. As long a a group doest not make a mistake of scheduleing
against a large local event by another group in the same region things
should work out.

Cons: Since many of us travel only regionally this in essence would have no
effect at all on attendance at events. If the group using the new open date
were in the same region as the locally held event wich was previously a
kingdom calendar event this could hurt the draw of the new kingdom calendar
event. An example ( only an example) Stargate Yule is turned into a local
calendar event and Stonebridge keep decides to hold its one defender tourney
that weekend. Stone bridge keep would still suffer from the populace of
stargate going to to stargate yule. Now there would be a lesser ability for
the kingdom calendar deputy to help guide local groups to schedule an event
date to the groups best benefit. Again this would mean any group holding two
or more events would lose an event. Losing any event is a painful experience
for any group.

5. No event group minimum for any group lower than a barony. Currently this
is one event per year.
Basically change the event group minimum from 1 a year to 1 every two years
or no events at all.

Pro: those groups that are lower than a barony and don't want to hold an
event are not required to. This of course would open the kingdom calendar up
because some  groups events would be removed. Also a group would not be
penalized for not having an event and would not to have to rush in order to
get that one event date for that one event that the group really doesn't
want to do.

Cons: How many groups really fit into this model? I think the effect would a
be a reduction of maybe 1-3 events at best. Also if these events are from
groups that are on the border of staying functional you have no event to see
if the group can pull together. While the crown, kingdom and regional
officers can pop up at local populace meetings it usually causes quite a
stir and can have the opposite effect that the attendance at an event can
have. With no event on the calendar the kingdom loses a prime opportunity to
socialize and help  a group.

6. Limiting or reducing the events for each group by changing kingdom law.
An example would be Baronies get 2 events per year, all other groups get one
event per year. A further reduction could be that cantons and colleges get
one event every two years.

Pros: This would reduce dates on the  kingdom calendar by almost 40% or
more. Easly opening many precious timeslots for all groups across the
kingdom during primetime good camping weather. Multiple event weekends would
be reduced and a greater competition for kingdom events would be considered
by all groups. this would also increase attendance at many events because of
the reduced number of events on the same weekend.

Cons: Limiting and reducing the number of events is a harsh line that could
only be done by the crown and I am sure the populace would scream against
this very idea. This would be a very painful process.

7. Combining some events held within the same region or kingdom into just
one event.
These are just examples, One artisan competion for each region. Combining
events like academy of the bow, sword, etc into one kingdom academy and then
perhaps combine this with kings college. Kingdom Bardic competition combined
with laurel prize tourney or kingdom a&s. Queens champion combined with
kings champion, kings lancer and the kings archer.

Pro: Combining these events could increase there attendance and
participation and would free up some space on the kingdom calendar. The
Crown could attend  basically 3 or more functions that had been seperated
previously all in the same day.

Cons: Many people have worked long and hard for a specific area to have its
own corner of the world event and would not readily give up that event to be
"lost in the shuffle" again in a larger kingdsom event. Besides whats is the
good of going to event if everything you want to attend is all scheduled on
the same day at the same time with everything else you want to participate
in. Also the crowns attention and time would be very divided on the dates of
these large mega events.

8. Trial Volunteer reduction
Basically any group that holds two or more events per years agrees to
totally eliminate one event for a period of up to two years from the kingdom
calendar. After two years are completed the group can then reschedule the
event if they so wish to. The event eliminated is not held at a local level
or kingdom level

Pro: For a short time the kingdom calendar has alot of new dates opened up.
This is not permanent situation for any group just a trial basis to see if
the group can live with out that one event period.  After two year trial
period everything goes back to the way it was and everyone gets to see what
a reduction of this type would have on the kingdom calendar. Any new goups
founded during this time have a good chance of finding a date for there

Con: any group that holds two or more events per year would lose one of
their traditionla events for the next two years. Losing any event is a
painful thing especially if you don't even hold the event on the local level
after losing the event on a kingdom level.

.These are just some ideas and I hope these will only encourage everyone to
think outside the box and find a solution you think will work.

in serivce.

Master Richard Fairbourne

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