[Elfsea] reducing kingdom calendar events ( long)

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That was only General points!!!! Boy would the specifics be a long post.
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Don't you ever sleep?;) You are correct in you analysis, however I was only
making a general point. I was trying not to deal in specifics.
Richard Fairbourne

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> Richard,
> This is a fairly good list of options. It will take a little
> while to fully digest and respond, but I would like to make
> one comment now. The "Survival of the Fittest" is not really
> the status quo. Survival of the Fittest implies that any
> group may hold an event whenever it is desired without regard
> to other events (perhaps allowing exclusion of special
> Kingdom events). If 10 groups decided to use the same date,
> they could all get it and the ones best able to attract
> participants would get the most attendance and money.
> Currently, the Kingdom does not allow a group to schedule
> an event within a given distance (say 150 miles) of another
> event. Further, the Central region may not schedule a major
> event in contention with any other region because their
> central local gives them an advantage and the other region's
> event generally suffers.
> In fact, if you only look at the 150 mile limitation, we do
> not really have much of an event proliferation problem. It is
> only when looking at the overall Kingdom calendar that we see
> several events on a single weekend. The same is true if you
> substitute "within the same region" for the 150 mile limit.
> Instead of a free market, this is like a planned economy with
> a 2-year plan.  As Baron Daniel has stated, however, we do
> not want our friends to suffer because we use our advantage
> against them. A healthy Kingdom requires some adjustment
> between its parts to stay healthy.
> I am not espousing any particular option yet. I'm still
> evaluating what you and others have said. But I wanted to
> clarify what is the status quo.
> In service,
> Caelin on Andrede
> > 1.Survival of the Fittest
> > This is the current status quo. No change in the number of calendar
> > for any group. Reservations on the kingdom calendar are left to those
> > are the quickest and most efficient. Those events that succeed
> > are the ones
> > that have the best draw.
> >
> > Pro: Nothing changes. No ones loses anything and no group loses
> > any events.
> >
> > Cons: The older events will always benefit from this scenario,
> > and will hurt
> > newer events scheduled against it. Also it makes it incredibly
> > difficult for
> > a new group to find a decent date on the calendar for anything within
> > next18 Months. Also if you are not the quickest or the most efficient
> > will lose in the race that is to get a good date on the kingdom
> >
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