[Elfsea] Discussion of Kingdom Calendar

Shari Burnham ladypendarves at elfsea.net
Tue Oct 8 09:55:38 PDT 2002

Looking at Richards suggestions, one stuck out at me:
"Combining some events held within the same region or kingdom into just
one event. These are just examples, One artisan competion for each region. Combining events like academy of the bow, sword, etc into one kingdom academy and then perhaps combine this with kings college. Kingdom Bardic competition combined with laurel prize tourney or kingdom a&s. Queens champion combined with kings champion, kings lancer and the kings archer. "
We've done this in the past two kingdoms I've lived in, esp the Middle where sometime traveling from Ontario to Ohio or southern Illinois gets interesting. If you have groups that work together alot-which so far, I have seen is really common in the central regional area-this may be a partial solution for helping clean up calendar.

Could I also please ask, if you are responding to a msg, please delete all the "filler"-those of us who get the digest because we get alot of email get tired of wading through msgs that sometimes have a two line response and 4 other replies attached to it-replies that keep getting reattached . . .
Lady Elisabeth of Pendarves

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