[Elfsea] On The Economics of People

Timothy Rayburn timothy at elfsea.net
Tue Oct 8 15:33:15 PDT 2002

>> Could Elfsea and Steppes, both with there eyes open, choose to compete on
>> the same weekend with different events?  Yep, and the success or failure of
>> each would be determined by the attendance and effort put into the event.
>       But the question is, WOULD Elfsea and the Steppes, both with their
>eyes open, choose to compete on the same weekend with different events? I
>certainly hope not! What we can do legally and what we choose to do out of
>consideration for others may not be the same thing. We tend to support our
>friends and neighbors events and are honored when they support ours. What if
>we take out some of the competition and put back more consideration? That is
>not to say we should not strive to make our events as much fun and diverse as
>possible. I just prefer cooperation and a helping hand to dog-eat-dog
>HE Siobhan

As do I, Your Excellency, but the quote above is somewhat out of context given your reply.  I advocate a system of regulations that allow anything, and encourage relationships which allow us to work in harmony and in support of our neighbors.

I would never encourage that Elfsea and Steppes actually hold events on the same weekend, but I do not feel that the Kingdom should stop such a thing.  I used our Baronies merely as an example of two very close, very large groups.  I would no sooner suggest Elfsea and Steppes do so than I would suggest Stargate and Loch Sollier should do so, but let that power rest with the group.


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