[Elfsea] On The Economics of People

Sabrina Sellers moonflower1313 at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 9 00:06:13 PDT 2002

This is NOT a suggestion, just some more information for you guys to have:

Having moved from Meridies last year (May, 2001) I can tell you their
solution to the problem.  Meridies is a wide kingdom, stretching across four
states east-west, and long, stretching across three states north-south
(counting the panhandle of FL).  Their solution to an extremely crowded
calendar was to split the kingdom and create a principality.  Glenn Abhann
(the new princ.) now has dates of their own that are no longer considered
Kingdom dates, and any Kingdom event may be scheduled against those dates in
Meridies proper.  Of course, this means that many times the King and Queen
go to two different events, and so do the Prince and Princess.  Also, in
order to have royal attendance at many of the G.A. events, the Tanis and
Tanista also go to two different events.  But the Kingdom calendar is no
longer so crowded...

Just thought you guys might like to see a solution from another Kingdom.
I'm not suggesting Ansteorra split (I kinda like it the way it is.....)


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