[Elfsea] On The Economics of People

Timothy Rayburn timothy at elfsea.net
Wed Oct 9 09:34:29 PDT 2002

>  1 - No event will be added to the Calendar closer than 6 months out.
>Barony's still have a perpetual date, and all other Baronial events must be
>declared 8 months out.
>Reservation impossibility.  The real world revolves around  12 month
>calendar. So must we. The above solution would absolutely kill the
>reservations we fight so hard to get.

I believe you misunderstood my point.  A reservation on the calendar must be firm by 6 months prior to the date.  That is not to say that a reservation could not be made 12 or even 18 or 24 months out, it just means that you can only move your date within 6 months of the event.

>  2 - Any group can hold any event any weekend.
>Actually this is pretty much true now. You can't hold two event in the same
>region. This just makes plain common sense. You can't compete against Crown
>or Coronation according to kingdom law. You could hold an event against
>queens champion if you want too or against steppes warlord, or twelfth
>night, but most people choose not to. Seems like people pretty much do this
>now. They just try to find the best weeknd for there event that the region
>and kingdom would not kill there attendance by competeing with other events.

As you said, this is /mostly/ true.  As Caelin noted at Business Meeting, the Central Region is restricted from competeing against Western Regional events.  If it were truly as easy nothing within the same region then the Kingdom Calendar deputy would be mostly a book keeper and not a politically charged office as it is right now.

>  4 - There are no limits on the number of events for any group.
>Actually some groups don't meet the limits know. Why would any group want to
>hold 5 events a year. Yes it is great in the short run, but it can really
>burn your people out quickly.

Again, for Major events, you are correct.  But major local gatherings that are likely to tie up your people could be included.  As I mentioned, this could include work weekends on their site.

>The removal of event limits will encourage groups to put on the calendar
>smaller baronial gatherings which already are affecting attendance but you
>can't know about them without extensive research.
> For instance, if Ravensfort had a work weekend for the Stones scheduled on
>the same weekend of your event, and Greywood and Bordermarch were doing the
>same at Jones Country you might not currently know this without reading
>there email lists, but with this they could let everyone know about these
>smaller gatherings.  You could plan for 3/5ths of the Coastal Region to be
>busy with other things and as such unlikely to attend.
>I have found that most regions already know about each others local events.
>Adding these events to the calendar would only again make the calendar more
>crowded not less,

But a crowded piece of paper doesn't matter.  The reason the Calendar matters is because it is a planning tool for knowing who you are competeing against for the attention of people, which are the true commodity.  I don't care that a piece of paper has alot of writing on it, if it gives me a truly complete picture of what is going on.  This is why I feel limiting calendar events is a bad idea, because the events will still occur and the Calendar will go from 'crowded' to 'useless' in planning a weekend for your event.

>Would this hurt small groups? No, they could compete with whomever THEY
>chose to.
>I disagree this would really hurt small groups becuase the larger and more
>populace and prepared baronies coudl easily swallow up all the dates. If the
>barony gets if first no one in the same region will want to compete against

There are only 13 Baronies, with 1 date each to start.  And I doubt that Westgate would worry about competeing against a Northkeep baronial event.  Even once the Baronies take a second date, or a third there are still options to choose to compete against.  But most importantly, you will be competeing knowing what is truly going on that weekend.  Limiting the events on the calendar removes the benefit all together.

Remeber that under my plan non-Baronies get an extra 2 months, from the point at which a Barony must have it's date firmly decided on the Calendar, in order to choose the perfect date and to decide whom they wish to compete with.

>Could Elfsea and Steppes, both with there eyes open, choose to compete on
>the same weekend with different events?  Yep, and the success or failure of
>each would be determined by the attendance and effort put into the event.
>I won't really reply to this other than I really hope not.

An extreme example and nothing more.  I would never support such a thing, it was to illustrate a point.


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