[Elfsea] new fabric store

jwains jwains at saintmail.net
Wed Oct 9 17:10:15 PDT 2002

If you haven't seen the ads for Boca Bargoons or made the
trip by the new store, it's definitely worth it!  They're
having their grand opening this week, and the prices are 75%
off the prices listed on the fabric.  These are the
upholstery damasks, tapestries, etc. that we all use for our
fancy garb, and I just spent my entire year's costuming
allowance in one visit.
The store is at 2208 N. Collins St in Arlington, just north
of I-30 next to the Whataburger; open Mon-Sat 10-6.  I
bought fabrics marked 27.99 for $7 a yard, marked $35.99 for
$9 a yard, etc.  I'm not sure how long the 75% off lasts, so
give them a call at 817-303-4033 if you can't make it in
right away.


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