[Elfsea] Economics, Events, etc.

kmitchel kmitchel at mail.ev1.net
Thu Oct 10 08:44:55 PDT 2002

Greetings Elfsea,

Albeit I am no longer Ansteorran "proper", I do wish to wage in
with some words of my own.

I still have not seen the reason(s) for changing the number of
events on the Kingdom Calendar (maybe I missed that message

If the problem is not enough dates for all the events, then I can
understand the need to change how events are scheduled; how many
each group can have; requesting greater cooperation between groups
to host "regional" events, etc.

If we are talking about the number of people who go to each event,
I think there are other factors which cannot be controlled by our
(I mean your) Glorious Majesties.  We will simply need to readjust
the "breakeven" points to be a bit lower and have more cost-
effective events until such time as the economy improves.  People
will stay closer to home (or at home) while they feel a pinch in
their pocketbooks.

That's my 2000 lire (about equal to $.00002)

(transplanted Ansteorran)

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