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Thu Oct 10 11:55:28 PDT 2002


Today, Thursday October 10, 2002, the University of Texas at Arlington is
conducting its Third Annual Transatlantic History Graduate Research
Symposium on the 6th Floor of the Library from 6:00-9:00 p.m.  Papers
address differing frontiers and borders and the dynamic process of encounter
and interchange between peoples of the Atlantic Basin.  Light refreshments
will be available at 6 and presentations begin at 6:30.

I was lucky enough to have my paper accepted among those graduate students
who submitted their works, most of those coming from the PhD program.  I
will be presenting first, a paper on the relation of cartography and
embroidery: 'Drawn from Life, Drawn from Thread: Early Portrayal of New
World Imagery'.  Following me will be a PhD student, Cynthia Chambers doing
a work on 16th Century images of Cannibalism.
These papers will then be commented on by one of the History Department

Each of these papers are within the scope of the SCA, so if interested
please join attend the symposium.  Two other papers will be presented in the
second half of the symposium, though of a modern concern.  One is on Cold
World Imagery and the other of Mexican relations to Germany during the 1920s
to garner influence with America.  A keynote speaker from the History
Department will also present.

Thanks you for your time,

Philip White (Craig W. Shupee', UTA History Graduate student)

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