[Elfsea] Kingdom Calendar suggestion - very very long

Timothy Rayburn timothy at elfsea.net
Thu Oct 10 15:58:18 PDT 2002

>I did not imply only one event.  Only that everyone should have one
>perpetual event date.  They can hold other events according to Kingdom
>Calendar Rules and Kingdom Law.  Part of our problem is that smaller groups
>can't get on the calendar.  I never said that groups can't conflict with
>each other only that the PED's shouldn't conflict.
>More concisely:
>Wipe the calendar out
>Put Kingdom Events in
>Put PED in for every group
>Then groups can choose from that point who they want to conflict with,
>according to the Kingdom Calendar Rules and Kingdom Law.

But does this really make things better.  Again, the problem is not truly a date on the Calendar, it is a date which is not in conflict with an event that is so big that you don't believe you could make money.

For instance, would you really want to be the group with the first non-New Years weekend of the year?  I would not.  You would be up against a behemoth event called "Steppes 12th Night" which, since it is not the Perpetual Event Date for Steppes (that's Warlord) it could conflict with anything not from the Central Region, which means some poor non-Central shire would have to try to compete against an event that pulls upwards of 350 people on a weekend that is horrible for camping (most years).

I believe that any solution which tries to solve this problem as a 'Calendar' and not a 'People' issue will always have problems like this.

Timothy of Glastinbury
"The Calendar matters because of the PEOPLE that plan by it."

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