[Elfsea] RE: [Steppes] Greyhound for adoption....

Patrick Cuccurello pat at adtelusa.com
Wed Oct 9 14:19:24 PDT 2002

Treasure has been already adopted, yeah!  Anyway, in speaking to the
adoption agent she informed me that they also have an IG (Italian Greyhound)
up for adoption.  This would be the perfect animal for anyone who would like
a greyhound or sighthound but are concerned about space.  The are very
affectionate, usually get along very well with children, and develop very
strong bonds with their owners.  They also would course, just like any

If anyone decides to pick him/her up, please let Ronnie and I know.  We are
looking at getting the coursing in the Central Region up and running more


> Hola!
> I was surfing arounf on the Humane Society's web-page (in Fort Worth) and
> came across a greyhound that is up for adoption. I thought that
> there might
> be someone who would like to adopt him:
> http://www.hsnt.net/dogAvail2.htm
> * Treasure *
>  Dog
>  Greyhound
>      Size: Large
>      Age: Adult
>      Sex: Male
>      I.D: WR124597
>  Notes: Treasure is a 2 1/2 year old Greyhound. He was rescued from a very
> sad situation. He is house-broken, altered, and good with other dogs.
> Maria

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