[Elfsea] Kingdom Calendar re focus

Richard Threlkeld rjt at softwareinnovation.com
Thu Oct 10 20:55:29 PDT 2002

Since we do not have any control over the Calendar
this limits our response to some of the solutions
we have already espoused: merging Baronial College
and Steppes Artisan (which cannot be done by us
alone, of course), dropping one or more of our
events from the Kingdom Calendar (which does not
actually do much to free the Calendar - it just
stops showing the existing conflict), or actually
dropping one or more of our events.

I believe we only have 3 events on the Calendar:
Defender (PED), Springfaire, and College. Defender
and Springfaire should not be dropped in my opinion
(see my missive about financial risk and training).
The College needs to exist, but may be merged with
something else (we already merge it with the non-
Calendar Passage of Arms on the Sunday after the
Saturday College). We have hosted Academy of the
Sword and various Bardics at the College. So I
think we have tried to do what we can with College.

The other non-Calendar event we do is Fools' Revel.
It is a very local event and does not cause any

What did you have in mind?

In service,
Caelin on Andrede
Protégée to Richard Fairborn

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> Lets get back to the crux of the issue for this barony. What can Elfsea do
> to improve this situation! We have seen alot of ideas regarding what the
> kingdom can do. This will be left up to the crown and the great officers.
> What can Elfsea do as on group to improve the kingdom calendar?
> Richard Fairbourne
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