[Elfsea] Kingdom Calendar re focus

Don and Monica dmriney at earthlink.net
Fri Oct 11 04:47:38 PDT 2002

Hmmm looking on what this group can do to clear up calander problems really
the only way we can is to simply cut back to two events a year. Hold our
Artisan competition at Spring faire and make the College a less formal non
calander affair more geared toward local and regional education.

Yes I know this is a radical suggestion likley to come under fire, but then
ideas of change are almost never universaly popular. Certainly not all ideas
for change are ones that work this one will work as it doesn't actually take
anything away. Merging Elfsea and Stepps artisan also lets us keep our
artisan competiton however _I_ believe that it would be a not good thing as
invariably one of the two would be viewed as "second place". (no really this
already happens with Three bridges choosing their artisan with us, even
though they are typicaly looking for totaly different things than the Elfsea
judges are)

The real issue here is how many of our populace are willing to support this
or any other solution to the question at hand.

As to suggestions of how to fix the calender itself by whatever means, I
suggest that these are kingdom issues that this Barony allone can not
resolve. Seems to me other groups in the Kingdom might want to have some say
in that.

Finally just to put a shot over the bow so to speak..... Wait! .... We could
split the kingdom into two with the Nortern Central and Western regions in
one principality and the Southern and Coastal in another! That way we clean
up the calander by spliting it in two!

In Faith and At Home in Elfsea
<ducking and covering after saying the dreaded "P" word>

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