[Elfsea] Kingdom Calendar re focus

Crandall Crandall at elfsea.net
Fri Oct 11 11:03:39 PDT 2002

I wouls support Richard's idea #3. As long as the rest of the Kingdom does not mind having the Eisteddfod forever in the Central region.
It is a good offer to make.


>3.If the Barony is strong enough, has enough people to work the event, and
>wants to increase attendance ask the kingdom for the permanent home of
>several events to go with Elfsea Baronial College. My suggestion in keeping
>with the A&S and the college theme offer to always host Kingdom Eisteddfod
>and Academy of the sword. Having a new kingdom bard would be great right
>before gulf wars and having extra martial knowledge you can use at gulf wars
>would be great as well. Baronial college usually breaks even any way right?
>So donate all the profits from the event to the kingdom. Barony wins! The
>kingdom Wins, The Kingdom Calendar Wins! and we all get to learn something
>to boot.
>The key to this suggestion is that someone has to find a site and date now
>for this event and not wait until the last minute.
>My $1.00 worth. This might be just enough to buy yourself a coke and a
>Richard Fairbourne

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