[Elfsea] Celtic Heritage Festival

Jane Sitton lymadelina at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 14 13:12:42 PDT 2002

Logan would have been there, save for being unable to
recruit any helpers to load the forge; he has been
ailing considerably in his back lately, and making the
forge portable seems to be almost impossible without a
couple of stout, hearty young helpers.

Hope a good time was had by all.


--- Noble Field <noble at delafyeld.com> wrote:
> To All gentles of Elfsea and Steppes
>      My lady Anne and I attended the Celtic Heritage
> Festival at the Bedford Boy's Ranch today.  The
> event was perhaps a little less attended that the
> last time we went, but there were still a lot of
> interesting people, vendors, fabulous musicians,
> dogs, pipers, gamers,kilts, music, food of all
> sorts, more music , and still more music.  There was
> a group of confederate soldiers, birds of prey, a
> book vendor with more books than I would be able to
> use in a month of Sundays.  The thing that was
> missing, at least to my very predjudiced eyes, was
> any semblance of SCA presence.  What a very wasted
> opportunity to show our stuff and recruit some new
> members.  It was at this event that my first
> exposure to SCA stuff took place.
>      I certainly hope that my efforts to make the
> North Texas Irish Festival do not suffer the same
> fate. I have big and wonderful plans for this year,
> including having our fighters as a scheduled event,
> listed in the program with specific times.  It will
> take some amount of work to carry off, but with the
> gracious approval of our Demo coordinator Iames, I
> will prevail.  We won the trophy for best cultural
> exhibit last year.  This year I want to be the best
> at the entire festival.  WHO'S WITH ME!!!!!
>                    Yours in service, Brendan

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