[Elfsea] Steppes' Fall Court Announcement

Rhodes-walden, Jennifer Jennifer.Rhodes-walden at usa.xerox.com
Tue Oct 15 09:54:21 PDT 2002

Oyez, oyez! Please read the following message, sent on behalf of the Event
Stewards of Fall Court:

Come one, come all!

Fall Court is almost here - a day to sit back and enjoy good company, cooler
weather... and get all the gold and largesse you can possibly scheme, of
course, in a very relaxed environment.

This year's theme is the Golden Rule - He who has the most gold, rules.
Bribe, swindle, cheat, wager and steal your way to the top. Just don't get
caught, or the Sheriff and his band of deputies may see you without your
gold! Bring your largesse to exchange for gold...

To achieve your avaricious end, there will be contests of skill - how good
is your chess game? Can you keep a shuttlecock in flight? And how well do
your dice roll?

There will be contests of artistry... everyone needs a pouch to keep all of
that gold in. And there are pumpkins to carve to light our path as darkness

And of course, contests of merit - who makes the best period pie? And who
can eat the most of said pie?

Dine al fresco with a potluck feast in the company of good friends and
family. Please contact HL Julianna Vertue to let her know what dish
accompanies you. Feast gear is required, though the Barony will provide

All of this and more await you upon your arrival at Tanglewood (see website
for directions). So come and enjoy an informal day... and see who has the
most gold!

See you there!

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