[Elfsea] Arts and Science - Clothier's Guild tonight

Jhan Knebel rixende at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 15 13:17:36 PDT 2002

Greetings unto the Noble Barony of Elfsea from your
Minister of Arts and Sciences, Lady Rixende de Rouen.

Forgive me for the late posting of this reminder, but
my new employer greatly taxed my resources (ie, I just
got my computer from the IS department) and delayed
this missive.

Tonight is Arts and Sciences at my home. The
Clothier's Guild is sponsoring this month's get
together, and I believe HL Arabella is teaching
T-tunic construction. Class will begin at 7:15.
Directions are available if needed by calling me at
817-797-1988 or Tomas at 817-683-3543.

Look for Tomas's Green and White Gyronny  hanging on
the front of the house.

In Service to Ansteorra, Elfsea and the Arts,

Lady Rixende

Our Address:
2017 Chattanooga Dr.
Bedford, TX 76022

Home phone number: 817.868.0958

Lady Rixende de Rouen
Minster of Arts and Sciences, Barony of Elfsea, Ansteorra
rixende at timelessbeads.com
Quidam audet valde, facit valde

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