[Elfsea] Crown Tournamnt

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Fri Oct 18 11:29:19 PDT 2002

I will be attending Crown.

Sir Romanius

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>Greetings Elfsea,
>        We plan to travel to Crown tournament. We would like to know how
>other people from Elfsea plan to attend. We have some people needing rides
>and we can try to travel somewhat together and make a grand entrance. We
>would like to take the Big Blue so we will have a place to gather and
>possibly shelter if needed. Also, one other thing to think about. If we put
>up the big blue and people brought their beds, we could get a lot of them
>there. A lot of people could camp the nights in the big blue and use it as
>our list pavilion during the day. Stargate is offering free passes on
>to TRF so anyone wanting to go over there can spend a little time in the
>booth and see the faire for free. Are there any takers on this idea?
>HE Siobhan
>Baroness of Elfsea
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