[Elfsea] Keller and Boy Scout Demos

SiobhanON@aol.com SiobhanON at aol.com
Fri Oct 18 14:52:24 PDT 2002

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       There was a write up about the Keller Library Demo in todays newspaper
in a section we get called "Alliance Corridor Monthly". It has things going
on in Keller, Roanoke, Tropy Club, Westlake, Watauga, Haslet, and North
Richland Hills. It didn't mention the SCA, we'll do that there. In fact it
called it a Medieval Faire, so be sure we have cards and fliers. Also, we'll
want a sheet interested people can put their names and contact information
on. Who has this kind of stuff?  Who will be the representative from the
hospitalers office there? Will we have newcomer scrolls? They mention the
beautiful handicrafts and the way they were made. Lets make sure we have
plenty of those.
HE Siobhan

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