[Elfsea] Keller and Boy Scout Demos

CE Huse/Lady Maria Cabeca de Vaca cehuse at sbcglobal.net
Fri Oct 18 15:12:25 PDT 2002

I was hoping to go to Fall Court (I promised Phelippe on the virtual Mogwi
that I would start playing more and working less). But, if Tangwystyl cannot
make it, I'll be there as her deputy. I know that she has some brochures
made up. I'll get with her on these details.

As far as a contact sheet...I'll get with Tangwystyl on that, too. Either
way, those items will be covered, Your Excellancy.

She will be out of town this weekend. So, I will get with her on Monday.


> -----Original Message-----
>        There was a write up about the Keller Library Demo in
> todays newspaper
> in a section we get called "Alliance Corridor Monthly". It has
> things going
> on in Keller, Roanoke, Tropy Club, Westlake, Watauga, Haslet, and North
> Richland Hills. It didn't mention the SCA, we'll do that there. In fact it
> called it a Medieval Faire, so be sure we have cards and fliers.
> Also, we'll
> want a sheet interested people can put their names and contact information
> on. Who has this kind of stuff?  Who will be the representative from the
> hospitalers office there? Will we have newcomer scrolls? They mention the
> beautiful handicrafts and the way they were made. Lets make sure we have
> plenty of those.
> HE Siobhan

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