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Lisa Duke arabella at elfsea.net
Tue Oct 22 12:11:12 PDT 2002

Greetings to all of you,
If you are not interested in medical information delete now.  I also decided
that I didn't want to repeat myself so here goes...

Wow was that fast.  I feel fine except that I tire easily and I sleep a lot.
That's to be expected.

First my neurosurgeon told me that my surgery was controversial in 2 other
doctors disagreed that I needed the surgery in the first place.  He decided
to proceed. And I'm glad he decided to listen to me.   He also said there
was no guarantee that this surgery would fix my headache.  But the mass
needed to come out.

I told him I understood and was more concerned about loosing my eyesight
than my headache. Which could have happened if the mass would have been left
to it's own devices and grown to affect my optic nerves in the path it was

Surgery went fine and I was told it took about 2 hours instead of 3 as

2 surgeons worked on me.  The Ear Nose and Throat surgeon prepared my nose.
(The path I requested, I didn't want stitches in my mouth... it's a tactile
thing.) He made a very small incision on the inside my left nostril to make
the opening wider. I have a very small nose. The stitches are so small you
can barely see them and there is a small amount of swelling on my left
nostril, but you have to know what to look for or you'd never notice.

Next the neurosurgeon drilled the hole in my skull from inside and at the
top of the sinus cavity.  He said when he broke through the skull that this
"gelatinous mass burst out under pressure".  He sucked out all that was
there and said my pituitary gland fell back into place where it was supposed
to be.  He also said he didn't have to puncture the sack that the brain
fluid is contained in.  And said my pituitary gland looked great.  So the
drainage I have currently have isn't brain fluid it's nose snot.

The neurosurgeon then made a small incision in my stomach and retrieved
fatty tissue to mix with the bone shavings from my skull to make a plug to
fill in the hole in my sinus.

The ENT came back to close up and insert packing in my nose.   So I spent
the next 36 hours breathing out of my mouth.  I had a 2x2 folded up under my
nose a tape across my face.

I can't blow my nose for 2 weeks or I'll literally "Blow my brains out!"
Hehehe.  And I have to clean my nose out with q-tips, hydrogen peroxide and
saline nose spray.  Saline is my friend.

It was much fun having someone else pick my nose in intensive care.  So the
old saying, "You can't pick your friends nose"... no longer applies.

I had 2 really great male nurses that cared for me.  They were attentive and
very professional.

So far the only worries is my pituitary gland not functioning.  I'll go back
for testing in 6 weeks with the endocrinologist.  They'll be concerned with
the hormones that control kidney function, thyroid function and a few
others.  So far my blood work all comes back in normal ranges.

I want to get a hold of the Pathology report for what came out of my brain.
At the time of my discharge it wasn't in yet.

If you have questions call me.  I'm home recovering and my wonderful husband
is doing a really good job seeing I don't need anything.

Our Baron Daniel says we can now use my skull for bowling as I know have 3
additional holes in my head.  And I can truly say "I need that like I need
another hole in my head!"

Love to all my friends and all those who said prayers and words of kindness.
I thank you for caring and extending your feelings.

Arabella - the very grateful to be alive and kicking and in awe of medical

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