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Wilim, I would suggest you read for 2 parts, that of the
Duke and that of Sir Toby.  There are a number of excellent
male characters in the play.  There are copies of the play
online if you want to read over part of it and select a
scene you particularly like.  I will be assisting Elysia
with the auditions, but I have no thespian or drama
backgroud; she does.  Many thanks for your interest; I
really want to see this performance happen!  :)

12th Night autocrat and Shakespeare admirer

> Were you going to give us a scene to read before hand or
> will it be a cold reading on-site?  Perhaps a scene of our
> choice?  From the play or will any play do?
> Wilim
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> >To any and all interested...
> >
> >Auditions will be held for roles to be played at Steppes'
> Twelfth Night >event based off Mister Shakespeare's play
> of the same name at Steppes' Fall >Court this weekend. A
> second audition time may be arranged, if needed. >
> >Auditions will be held at 1 p.m. on Saturday, October 26,
> at Tanglewood. >Please be prepared to read a short scene!
> If you are unable to attend, >please let me know... if you
> plan to audition, please contact me as well. >
> >Thank you - I look forward to seeing you at Fall Court.
> >
> >In service,
> >
> >Elysia Katherine O'Malley
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