[Elfsea] The Future of Elfsea Defender

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DISCLAIMER : I bring this up because I personally would like to here input
from the populace. No Change in Defender is iminent that I am aware of.

Greetings Elfsea,

I'd like to start a discussion about Elfsea Defender. I believe, and you can
argue this if you'd like, that the time for Culture Camps at Defender has
passed. We've had limited interest from within the Barony (though the
encampment put on by Loch Ruadh was wonderful this last year) and waining
interest Kingdom wide. So I would ask you this ...

1) What would you like to see as a 'theme' for Elfsea Defender?
[Shaw, Donnel]

That should be left up to the people running it that year. Our intrest will
change and what we can and want to do will change.

2) Would you personally be willing to coordinate a project for an event over
8 months in advance?
[Shaw, Donnel]  I will be glad to do the youth combat.

3) Would you be willing to see how we choose our Defenders change? (ie
Retire the Reverse OP challenge/Swiss 5 format)

[Shaw, Donnel]
No we did that to allow everyone to get experiance using differnt weapons.
But I think that it should be something that the fighters talk about and
then discuse as a whole in Elfsea.

4) Would you be willing to see a judged tournament, where wins and losses
alone do not dictate who the next Defender is?
[Shaw, Donnel]
It would be nice at Spring Fair but not for the Defender of Elfsea.

5) Would you be willing to see Elfsea Defender move from it's current area
on the Calendar? Is there a time of year that might be better?

[Shaw, Donnel]
What do you mean. this is the moved date. :)   We use to do it in Aug. but
it was just way to hot. We had more fighters falling out then fighting.

6) What is one thing you miss from Defender's past that you would like to
see return, and would be personally willing to work to see return?
[Shaw, Donnel]
As much as I like to drive up in my RV at Canton and just plug in and go. I
really liked the site we had the year before. You all called it primitive.
The stones up in the celtic camp and the fire torch from William was
great!!!! More events like that would be great.  You have to understand to
have camps the land has to lend it's self to the theme.
Now on a personal note. Yes I have already scouted out the new camps I have
found around Midlothian. No I have not called. Other things get in the way

7) What is the most fun tournament you've personally witnessed/fought-in
within the last year?
[Shaw, Donnel]
The bardic at Warlord. Hint hint. (don't ask me to sing I will clear the
camp in 10 min)

Please remember, I'm just curios, I'm not necessarily campaigning for change
at this time. But I also think that there is nothing to be lost by having
this conversation at this time.


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