[Elfsea] The Future of Elfsea Defender

Don and Monica dmriney at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 23 16:53:48 PDT 2002

Howdy Darius here with my answers to Timothy's questions about Defender, (No
warrenty implied or stated, milage may varry)

1) What would you like to see as a 'theme' for Elfsea Defender?

Do we need a theme? I mean it kinda has a built in theme, the tournaments
that decide who will be the Elfsea Defenders for the next year, in Heavy and
Rapier combat as well as Archery. I think that the "theme" if any should be
a focus on these competitions and the competitors who vie for these honors.
These are quite a bit to fill a day as it is. If we really need more ask the
bards to compete in the evening with an original piece giving fame to a
persons deeds or an event that happened that day during the tourney.

2) Would you personally be willing to coordinate a project for an event over
8 months in advance?

At this moment, No. I am booked up on commitments and would not wish to
slight any of them by taking on another intensive project. I would urge
anyone considering such a commitment to review how much time they can give
to it. If you have the time and energy , go for it! If not, cheer from the
sidelines... after all if there isn't an audience there is no performance,
just another practice run.

3) Would you be willing to see how we choose our Defenders change? (i.e.
Retire the Reverse OP challenge/Swiss 5 format)

The "Swiss" 5 tourney could change to many formats including a _real_ Swiss
5 (if you can find some one who wants to be list mistress/master and track
all the points), however I would prefer to see the Reverse OP Challenge
remain. Some traditions out live themselves, others are a part of what makes
a group a home. I honestly couldn't tell you how long the OP Challenge has
been part of the list, I know Stella told me about being the first to make a
Challenge some years ago. It may not be "how it has _always_ been done" but
it's been there long enough and created enough memories for people I think
we can keep it

4) Would you be willing to see a judged tournament, where wins and losses
alone do not dictate who the next Defender is?

No, I don't care for this Idea. I have done a few years of A&S (both
performance and static) and I like to fight tourneys partially because on
the list field I don't have to worry about subjective third party judges. If
I get hit I call the shot, if I hit my opponent they do. At the end of the
fight the one who has the best combo of Skill and Luck wins the day. If we
have a fighter who won't call their shots their conscience will eventually
be their judge.

5) Would you be willing to see Elfsea Defender move from it's current area
on the Calendar? Is there a time of year that might be better?

Calendar discussion...... Nope not going there, not gonna do it, now
pretending I can't hear this question .. La la la la la.....

6) What is one thing you miss from Defender's past that you would like to
see return, and would be personally willing to work to see return?

Hmm actually I kinda like Defender now, however I would like to see Spring
Faire go back to being just "a fun springtime event" with populace members
sponsoring whatever event activities they thought they could pull off, But
that's another discussion all together.

7) What is the most fun tournament you've personally witnessed/fought-in
within the last year?

Actually I really enjoyed Rosenfeld's Defender. The mood of the event was
one of Having fun even though there were five very hotly contested titles to
be won that day. the fighting was not but honorable, the Artisans were
exceptional in their displays of talent and skill, I missed the Archery and
Bardic but have heard tales that they were as wonderful as the rest. Most of
al I remember everyone was courteous and friendly, we were all there to have
a good time and succeeded wonderfully. (of course this was also one of the
first events I attneded in a few years in the absence of Painkillers and
Muscle Relaxers, that could have something to do with it, but not much it
really was a fun event)

At Home in Elfsea
Master Darius of the Bells

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