[Elfsea] The Future of Elfsea Defender

Nolen Dale fairborn at swbell.net
Wed Oct 23 18:14:19 PDT 2002

Great Questions Timothy. See my answers below. Also I have added one more

1) What would you like to see as a 'theme' for Elfsea Defender?
I think every event should have a theme it adds an extra element of fun to
any event.
2) Would you personally be willing to coordinate a project for an event over
8 months in advance?
Yes, In fact I am typing up a bid now for the next elfsea defender.
3) Would you be willing to see how we choose our Defenders change?  (ie
Retire the Reverse OP challenge/Swiss 5 format)
I think change is a good thing. I think the fighting community should be
given ample input and find out what the fighters want.
4) Would you be willing to see a judged tournament, where wins and losses
alone do not dictate who the next Defender is?
I think a judged part of tourney can be included, like a ladies favorite or
something along those lines. Anything to add more flavor and give someone
else other than the winner of the tourney a chance for some wordfame and
5) Would you be willing to see Elfsea Defender move from it's current area
on the Calendar?  Is there a time of year that might be better?
Not listening or talking on this topic.
6) What is one thing you miss from Defender's past that you would like to
see return, and would be personally willing to work to see return?
The competions that included people other than the artisans, fighters. These
people want and need something too.
7) What is the most fun tournament you've personally witnessed/fought-in
within the last year?
No answer to this one,

Here is another question. 8)What event do you keep going back to that is
outside the central region?

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