[Elfsea] The Future of Elfsea Defender

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Wed Oct 23 18:49:51 PDT 2002

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Lady Innes, here, with my 2 cents worth/

> 1) What would you like to see as a 'theme' for Elfsea Defender?
> I really dont feel that we need theme.  The name of the event says it all
> Elfsea Defender.
> 2) Would you personally be willing to coordinate a project for an event over
> 8 months in advance?
>     At the moment no,   I have been having job and financial problems, and
> am just now settleing into a new job, ( I hope this one lasts)
> 3) Would you be willing to see how we choose our Defenders change? (i.e.
> Retire the Reverse OP challenge/Swiss 5 format)
> There are any number of variations that could be used, from what I have
> been told,
    Not being a fighter, I have no suggestions.  I have spent most of my
time, for the last several years at the archery range.

> 4) Would you be willing to see a judged tournament, where wins and losses
> alone do not dictate who the next Defender is?
> No, I don't care for this Idea at all.  then it would boil down to a
> popularity contest.
    If  Crown is won by Might of Arms,  then Why not Defender?

> 5) Would you be willing to see Elfsea Defender move from it's current area
> on the Calendar? Is there a time of year that might be better?
> Calendar discussion...... Not gonna go there at all,   Should be different
> discussion altogether.   August is Hotter,    October is usually Rainier.

> 6) What is one thing you miss from Defender's past that you would like to
> see return, and would be personally willing to work to see return?
> Hmm actually I kinda like Defender now, however I would like to see Spring
> Faire go back to being just "a fun springtime event" with populace members
> sponsoring whatever event activities they thought they could pull off, But
> that's another discussion all together.  I made this same statement several
> months ago,   and was told  But It has grown so much.  Do you suppose there
> is a reason.
Everybody likes laid back, relaxing, fun events.   Besides, Spring Faire,
has traditionally our Training Event.

> 7) What is the most fun tournament you've personally witnessed/fought-in
> within the last year?
> Cannot comment on this one,  same reason as above,   Archery Field.

Good Luck and Good Health to all.

love ya all

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