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Directions are needed.

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Remember the Keller Demo coming up on Saturday, 10/26.

* Have Madrigal Singers (who wants to volunteer?).
* Spinning demos (that was a sure winner last year).  In fact, during the
spinning demo, HL Robin noticed that the group around her kept growing and
growing and growing.  The Library is putting her in the same spot this year
again - right in front of the doors to the library!
* Fighting.  This year we will not have to fight around the tree.  They are
moving us over to the other side of the walk-way into the Library, and would
like the following schedule:
      30 minutes Chivalric
      30 minutes Rapier
       Then they are having 30 minutes modern fencing
(This is to show the development of fighting style through the ages) They
then want to repeat this same sequence again.
* There will be what I was told was a "Gypsy Drum Horse" (though the
description sounded more like a Percheron to me) in full barding.  The owner
of the horse will be dressed as the knights lady (she already has a story
cooked up about why she was left with the horse) and would like someone from
our group to be there in their knightly regalia to help explain some of the
intricates of the barding and the use of the horse for the knightly class.
(Hint - I need help from the local White belt/Baldrics on this.)
* They would like to have a "knighting" ceremony during the demo.  I told
them that we really couldn't do that (without going into all the actual SCA
reason for that), but they'd like some sort of ceremony where we could show
them what a court would be like.  If we could, they'd like to have a short
court before during and at the end of the event.  (Hint - help, Your

Now, the big thing is:  This demo is to run from 1:00 to 4:30 p.m. (the
library closes at 5:00 p.m.) We can set up anytime before 1, but must be out
of there by 5.

Remember, FIGHTERS, your marshals had approved that this was to be the
fighter practice for this weekend.

I have asked about contingency plans regarding the weather and will keep
everyone informed (worked JUST GOT A LOT SLOWER FOR ME)

Lord Ceatta o Gulcleth
Demo Coordinator, Barony of Elfsea

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