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Mostly staying out of the discussion, I did want to comment on this

> 1) What would you like to see as a 'theme' for Elfsea Defender?
> I really dont feel that we need theme.  The name of the event says
> it all
> Elfsea Defender.

I have seen other groups that have "themes," often based upon the persona
of the particular Defender.  For example, Wastelands lets the Defender
choose the feast.  Other places, the Defender designs the competition.  I
know that people get tired of the basic one-tree and two-tree double-elim
fights, and have seen tourneys worked around "Samurai's Challenge" (which
includes archery, footrace, poetry, and greatsword), or that have a
different style of competition each round with a "counting coup" tally that
allows the combatants to participate in the whole tourney with the winner
or finalists determined by the highest point scorers.  I have seen people
issue a call for competition in the medieval style of a challenge to all to
meet on the crossroads and try to take the banner away from the

"Defender" doesn't say much, and actually can lend itself to themes if you
think in terms of who is the defender, and how would they defend?

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