[Elfsea] 12th Night Auditions

Rhodes-walden, Jennifer Jennifer.Rhodes-walden at usa.xerox.com
Fri Oct 25 10:36:06 PDT 2002

....will take place this Saturday, October 26, as planned.

Lady Liadan Bregh has graciously offered to host the auditions at her home,
809 Morningstar Trail, Richardson, TX. Directions posted below.

Auditions will begin promptly at 2 p.m. Please be aware this is NOT SCA
time! A second round of auditions may be held if I receive enough requests
from those unable to attend tomorrow. Kindly send me notice off list to
jennamonster at aol.com to let me know if it will be necessary. I would prefer
not to, as time is of the essence, and would like to cast with the Event
Steward by Sunday.

NOTE: Please be aware that participation in this production requires an all
day commitment to the event, as the play will be an on-going performance
throughout the day and into Feast. Those actors accepting a role should be
comfortable with remaining in character all day, and able to improvise as
they interact with the populace during the event. If you are not able to
appear at the event before 10 am, please reconsider auditioning.

The following roles are open, along with understudies for the principals
(because sometimes stuff just happens...):

Duke Orsino
Sir Toby
Sir Andrew
Maids, Ladies/Lords in Waiting, Duke's Guards

Any questions? Email me or call me at home after 8 this evening,
972-316-3555. I look forward to seeing you all shine!

In service,

Elysia Katherine O'Malley
Steppes Theatre Guildmistress


Take your best route to US 75/Central Expressway.

Take US 75 North/South to Spring Valley Road.

Take a left onto Spring Valley if you are southbound on 75; take a right if
you are going north on 75.

Go about a quarter mile. Take a left just past the Light Rail Station onto
Spring Valley (if you go straight, the road becomes Centennial).

Follow Spring Valley along until you cross the railroad tracks.

Take a left onto Bowser, then your first right onto Morningstar Trail. 809
is on the left (about five houses down, roughly); park on the street.
Telephone number is 972-680-1689.

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