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Mon Oct 28 08:04:14 PST 2002

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Greetings Elfsea,
       Daniel and I have been your Baron and Baroness for about 6 months now
and I would like to start some discussion on where future may lie. We have
talked with many people on a personal level, had our first big court,
attended many functions locally and abroad. We are still fairly young in the
SCA and are still in love with the game, but we still have a lot to learn. I
still feel we are up to the challenge. This is not so much a "how are we
doing?", it is more of a "How is Elfsea Doing?".
       I would like to start off by saying that when I say Elfsea, in my
heart I am thinking Elfsea, Loch Ruadh, Dragonsfire Tor, and the College of
Threebridges. When we first started playing, this is the way it was presented
to us and this is how we feel about it, one big group with different
independant groups made up of many smaller parts. The whole cannot survive
without the necessary strengths of each group.
       My question for discussion deals with an expression I heard when we
first started playing. I know you have all hear the expression, it was coined
by our own Mistress Xene, former Baroness of Elfsea. "Life Is Good In
Elfsea". To me this expression represented our new relationship with the
sociaty. Life is good (fun, different, exciting) in the SCA so indeed it must
by good in Elfsea, and it did seem so. Now, what I would like to know is,
what does the expression "Life is good in Elfsea" mean to you? Do you agree
with it and why or why not? You may answer on the list or privately. Please,
no dumping personal grudges on the list. I would like to know what has gone
wonderfully right for you and how it can continue, and what has gone wrong
for you and what would make it better. We will not discuss this at MOOT
tonight as we have much business to address but I will be at Bennigans after
MOOT if you would like talk with me face to face. I am also easy to contact
at other times. Remember, it is easier to act on constructive ideas than
destructive criticism. Also, we cannot embrace every suggestion, as we are
limited to some extent, but many ideas and suggestions can lead to other
workable solutions to problems that may confront us in the future. Please
give this some thought and let my know how you feel.Thank you for your time.
In Srevice to the dream,
HE Siobhan
Baroness of Elfsea

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