[Elfsea] Movie Plans Anyone?

Lisa Duke arabella at elfsea.net
Mon Oct 28 09:51:37 PST 2002

Saturday so all my children can go.... The girls have a foot ball game
Friday night.  People won't be rushing home from work on Saturday either.
That's Bordermarch Melee weekend.  And the 15th is a Friday.  If we go on
Saturday we can do a matinee which is cheaper for us.

Regardless of what everybody else does... I'm afraid we're going on Saturday
because of the money issue.


The time has come once again for another movie night to be shared in Elfsea.
I am of course talking about Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.  The
movie comes out Nov. 15th, which I believe is a thursday.  If there is
interest (what a silly question), I will be contacting our usual vendor of
choice, the theater on Eastchase and 30 for showtimes and availablility.
only question I have, is do we want to wait one day and see it on Friday the
16th?  Please respond quickly so we can make the needed plans.

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