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Way long ago in the time of the dinosaurs, we would do extra activities at
fighter practice.  (granted we have not been to a lot of practices lately, but
William is back in armour!  Hooray!)

We would have potluck snacks once a month.  I really enjoyed these.  It wasn't
anything fancy, a lot of the time it was mostly store bought cookies and soda.

I remember the Heralds having mini consultation tables, and usually an arts
class or Baronial project.  We would string site tokens, paint banners, ect...

There was lots of fun and lots of business.  We were having these while I was
exchequer and most of my work was done at these practices, because so many
people showed up.  Now that I've started rambling......


<clip> I would like to know what has gone
>wonderfully right for you and how it can continue, and what has gone wrong
>for you and what would make it better.


>HE Siobhan
>Baroness of Elfsea

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