[Elfsea] Ok, lets talk about Defender and Springfaire

Timothy Rayburn timothy at elfsea.net
Tue Oct 29 08:17:27 PST 2002

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From: "Shaw, Donnel" <ShawD at chisd.com>

>I disagree. We have spent to many years to have the rapier community
>recognized. We intentually stressed the inclusion of that champion. As well
>as the Archery defender.   Spring Fair was to be our Children's event and
>our fun event after a year of stress and work on the part of the populas. I
>would argue strongly on the both Champions.
>Donnel Shaw
>Pre K

With respect, I don't believe this has been so for some time now.  Putting on an event is never easy, and of late Springfaire has been a more involved undertaking than Defender has.  I do not doubt that what you say is true from when Defender had major culture camps organized within the Barony, and the like.  But these days, the 'routine' of Defender almost makes it an easier event to put on, and few within the Barony have been organizing Culture Camps for Defender.

I firmly believe in the Rapier community, and the suggestion comes as a way to breath new life into that community.  I believe that the trend of late at Defender, to hold the Heavy and Light list at the same time due to 'time concerns' robs the show, the attention, from each of the communities.

With only a Heavy list and an Archery list at Defender there is time to give large amounts of attention to both of these.  The Archery list can have the full and undivided attention of the B&B.  Meanwhile a interesting or challenging more 'fun' list can be run for the Rapier community.

Meanwhile, at Springfaire we can focus on choosing the Rapier Champion, and Bard of Elfsea.  We can host a Pas, or a bear pit tourney for the heavy fighters that will focus on enjoyment and not competition.  Likewise for Archery, we can have a bag shoot or other 'laid back' non-competition type shoot.

I realize that this would be a change in traditions, but it might be a change that could make a positive move in the prestige of our tournaments and the enjoyment of the Champion/Defender competitions by all who are involved.


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