[Elfsea] Ok, lets talk about Defender and Springfaire

Ldyinnes@aol.com Ldyinnes at aol.com
Tue Oct 29 15:36:18 PST 2002

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Hi all,

I did not accuse anyone of trying to lessen the Archery comppetitions.  If
you took it that way, oh well.   But why move any of the defender
competitions.   That is the reason for the title  Defender.      I have
always worked with the old adage of " if it aint broke, dont fix it."

Elfsea Defender has become a tradition,   so why lessen the event at all?
Just feel like people are trying to change the Traditions of the Barony. What
I personally feel is that there should be some educating going on for the
people who have not played  long enough to know what the traditions are.

just my 2 cents worth


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