[Elfsea] Ok, lets talk about Defender and Springfaire

David Ruff dmruff1 at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 29 22:23:19 PST 2002

I can remember a Defender some 5 years ago - it was
the very first event i went to in texas, a gental won
the archery defender and was barally reconized.

Elfsea - you have come so far from that day to the
last defender i attended. ***ALL arts should be
recognized*** and while i can not say i am that well
in the know - from what i saw of last defender it was
a great event where the past stepped down and the new
stepped in. Focus on that event and come up with how
you can better it (altho being on the recieving end of
the Archery award - i felt it was an honor and i was
humbled by the attention).

It takes time to build up ANY title to where it will
be recognized, i feel archery is well on its way,
being in this game and seeing the past five years - i
feel Elfsea has done a tremendious job with the
archery community. Just my two coppers worth.

--- Timothy Rayburn <timothy at elfsea.net> wrote:
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> >If we,asTimothy suggested,  Have The Heavy Defender
> Spotlighted at Defender,
> >and the Rapier spotlighted at Spring Faire,  then
> What Event do you spotlight
> >the Archery defender,    Archery finally was
> recognized by our Barony,
> >beginning with Arthur and continuing under the
> other Barons and Baronesses.
> >So why try to sweep it under the rug now.
> >
> >Innes
> I have not mentioned Archery up till now, and I
> hardly believe that it is fair to cast me in favor
> of lessening the importance of our Archery Defender.
>  I'm in favor of giving more time and baronial
> attention to each of our competitions, that was the
> goal of the suggestion.
> My moving our Rapier Champion (perhaps now called
> the Cavalier of Elfsea, or the Baroness' Champion,
> or some such) we free up time at Defender.  This
> gives the populace, and the B&B more time to focus
> on what IS at Defender.  Defender would still have
> our "Elfsea Defender" heavy list, it would still
> have our Archery list.  Springfaire would have our
> Rapier list, and our Bardic competition, mayhaps
> also eventually our Artisan or the like depending on
> what the long term plans for Baronial College are.
> Timothy
> Occasional Archer
> 3 Time Herald of the Royal Huntsman Tourney
> All Around Fan of Archery
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