[Elfsea] Ok, lets talk about Defender and Springfaire

Nolen Dale fairborn at swbell.net
Wed Oct 30 05:01:47 PST 2002

Change is not really a bad word Timothy and I appreciate,probably more than
most, a suggestion outside the box.
It makes it easier for the barony and for people who want to become an
elfsea defender to come to one event and not two  or more during the year.
The only defender competitions across the kingdom  I have seen outside the
home group defender event have been the A&S Champion and the Bardic
Champion. There are probably more examples of this but I kow that Steppes
and Stargate do this.

Make Elfsea Defender( which is the only Baronial central region event on the
kingdom calendar until Steppes Twelfth night) something that everyone wants
to attend. Keeping all the defender events at this event will only increase
attendance( good for the competitions, good for the barony, good for our
tithe to the kingdom). Many people expect Rapier and Chivalric tourneys to
be fought at the same defender event. It would be difficult to break from
this mode and not have both suffer at least initially.

Elfsea Springfaire is something truly unique among baronial events. Many
baronies have events already locked into a certain theme or feel. With this
fun event Elfsea can explore all kinds of different themes and really give
the populace and the kingdom a breath of fresh air. This is something truly
unique and should be treasured and protected and taken advatage of. Moving
any defender tourney to springfaire could have a negative effect on any
theme held at elfsea springfaire.

just my .02 worth
Master Richard Fairbourne

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