[Elfsea] Fighter Practice Tonight

Shaw, Donnel ShawD at chisd.com
Wed Oct 30 06:22:28 PST 2002

Ok East West does not compute I need a concreat place. How do I get there
from Midlothian?

Donnel Shaw
Pre K

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Well, I'm going to give a new set of directions.  Many people talk of going
to Forest Ridge since it is one of the streets the boys ranch is on.  Forest
Ridge can be a pain to get to.

Find 183/West Airport Freeway/121...  That Highway thing that goes through
the Mid-Cities.  Anyway,  Coming from either Direction you will get an exit
for Bedford Road/Brown Trail.  Take that Exit.

If you are coming from the West then you will go down and take a left under
the Freeway. (You'll see a Gas station on your right) (A Left turn not the

If you are coming from the East you will go down and take a right at the
light.  (There should be a church across the road from you.)

Okay, now everybody should be on Bedford Road.  Take Bedford Road up to the
next light.  That should be Forest Ridge.  Take a left there.    You'll pass
through another light and about 10 or 20 yards after it will be a sign and
driveway on your left.  That's the Boy's Ranch.

Enter the Boy's Ranch.  Take the First Right.  That'll snake around past the
RollerBlade Rink.  Take a left at the next Stop Sign.  Continue on that
until you get to the tennis courts.  We're right across from them.

People show up anytime between 7 and 8 and go until Exhaustion.


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>Hey there,
>I am going to be at practice tonight and just realized that I do not
>know where the Boys Ranch is located and what time people usually start
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