[Elfsea] Changing Elfsea Events

Shari Burnham ladypendarves at elfsea.net
Wed Oct 30 13:29:47 PST 2002

OK OK I've read all the posts.
I've seen the arguements.

<sigh> Third Kingdom. Fourth Barony.
Ok. Let's try this. I want to ask a few questions and do some "this is my past experiences" info.

1.) for all of us who haven't been here since the very first defender, for whatever reason, would those who have been here provide some history. Please. What did you discuss when deciding to start a Defender event? Did you take a barony event and make it larger? What long term vision was there-if there was one?
For me, a Baronial Defender/Champions Event has always been a BARONIAL event, not a "open to kingdom" event. Champions can only come from within the barony. So traditionally, it has been a really really fun 1 or 2 day event somewhere between August and sept with just the barony. holding a tourney. holding only baronial court, even when royalty lived in the barony. giving only baronial awards. everyone donating to the basket (even if it's an IOU a new tunic kind of thing).

2.)for those who fought for what you did, why did you fight for that particular thing? example-did you fight to have an archery defender because they were not getting enough recognition? what about other activities- a&s, kids, etc. where/when did this start and what was the focus? example-not enough kids activities.
this allows us who are "new" whether new to the area, or new to the sca, to understand better.

 I would love to hear some of the things brought up when planning the first defender, and the subsequent ones after that. I fully believe in the "change is good" theory, but I, like timothy, need to know the WHY's
To me, if the WHY isn't a good reason, WHY fix it?
lady elisabeth of Pendarvis

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