[Elfsea] 'Young Ones'

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Wed Oct 30 16:35:16 PST 2002

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We all need to respect each others Ideas and feelings.  And in most instances
i see this happening, in others Not.

In the past, Elfsea Spring Faire, had no theme,   and you didnt hear me
complain when   the themes were introduced.   because I felt that was a good
change, I am not against change,  it keeps us growing.  But I do feel
strongly about moving any of the defender tournaments away from Defender.   I
will be happy to discuss this with any one at any time face to face.    when
I type my thoughts dont look like I meant them to look.   I know that I come
across as very abrupt and rude.  I really dont mean to sound that way,
There goes that Hoof and Mouth syndrome again.

Sometimes, I feel like I only open my mouth to change feet.

Timothy,   I really would like to sit down with you sometime and go ahead and
discuss this topic.  However, you are much better at using words than I am.

and I am going to be honest with you here and hope you dont take offense.
Sometimes your words and tone wound me deeply,  as I am sure you have at one
time or another been wounded yourself.


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