[Elfsea] Domesday Update - Last Call

Kate Rayburn anezka at elfsea.net
Wed Oct 30 16:51:02 PST 2002

This is the last call for updates to the Elfsea Domesday and OP.  If you
have not updated the books I have had at meetings, please email me with
your updates before Friday so they can be entered into the latest
edition.  The Domesday will be available in November.

For those who do not know, the Domesday is the address/phone book for
the Barony of Elfsea.  It contains members addresses, phone numbers,
email addresses, modern names and society names.  This year it will also
contain information on people's awards from the Kingdom and Baronial OP.
In your updates please let me know if there are any changes that need to
be made to your OP listing.  The OP is available for review at
http://heraldry.ansteorra.org/OP/alpha/index.html if you need to look at

In Service,
Dama Anezka z Rozmitala
Keeper of the Domesday

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