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> 2.)for those who fought for what you did, why did you fight for that
> particular thing? example-did you fight to have an archery defender because
> they were not getting enough recognition? what about other activities- a&s,
> kids, etc. where/when did this start and what was the focus? example-not
> enough kids activities.
> this allows us who are "new" whether new to the area, or new to the sca, to
> understand better.
This is the only thing that I can comment on first hand. since defender was
already in place, when I started playing in 1991.

When, I started in 91,  there was an archery range, with only approx 6
If my memory serves, there was Baron Arthur, Don Sebastian, Wayne of the
heights,  Katherine of Elfsea , (she was the archery marshall at that
time)Lord Eadric of Hastings(Lady Maras Lord),and Myself, Innes.  this was on
a consistant basis, we had others from time to time. During that time we, the
archers, furnished all of our own prizes, and even our own water and snacks
at the archery range.  And we were completely out of the public eye. stuck
way off somewhere, so that you actually had to seek us out.  Then during the
time of Llewellyn and Xene's time as Baron and Baroness,  His Excellency
Galen stepped up to the plate and sponsered the archery tournament. That got
some peoples attention,   However we , the archers and Galen still furnished
all the prizes. and I might add the water and snacks.  During my time as
Archery Marshall, I started the Childrens Archery, with approx   4 young
people shooting,    3 of which,   were Her Grace Willow and Duke Johnathan's
boys and my grandson Sean. shooting consistantly.
Can you now see why I feel so strongly about the Archery program being never
mentioned with the other Defenders.  Also,  the one of the proudest days of
my career in the S C A , was the day that I won the Defender title.  The
Archery defender banner was already in place. and each outgoing defender
tried to add something to the regalia,   My addition was the banner pole and
stand,  the pole can be pushed into the ground outside, and with the stand in
place can be displayed inside without maring the floor.


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