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Wed Oct 30 17:48:58 PST 2002

Well, I never kept a record of names and numbers....of course, the only time
a sign-up sheet was put out during my short time as Hospitaler was at the
Knights Tale demo and the Highland Games demo....the only names that were on
theese sheets were those of people who were already in the SCA.  The only
record that is kept on newcomers (as a far as official) are the reports that
are sent to the Regional Hospitaler.  I have no idea what Tanwystyl has been
doing at demos.

My experiance is that the sign-up sheets don't work well.  People are little
hesitant to put their name and numbers on a sheet of paper for complete
strangers to see. Think about when you go to the mall and a sales-person
asks you for your info so they can contact you about XYZ product. I never
put that info down because it's just one more person calling me and
disturbing the peace and quiet (no that's not quite right...more like
noisiness) of my home.

I thought that the business cards that HL Ceinwen printed up a few years ago
were much more effective and subtle approach.


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> Question for the Hospitalers...
> Do we keep records on how many folks we get from what demo or recruitment
> venue?
> Would a poll of some sort be in order?
> Medb Liath  (who has clearly been involved one too many Six Sigma

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