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Elizabeth Hawkwood Rbnew5 at netscape.net
Wed Oct 30 23:47:26 PST 2002

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Well, let me put my 10 bucks worth in here. You asked!
I've done a bit of  "recruiting" myself and I've dealt with new comers.
I've even been a new comer!

I began playing not quite 10 years ago. You know what made me feel
welcome?  People offering me a
chair to sit in when I didn't know to bring my own; someone offering to
loan me feast gear because I didn't know I was supposed to bring it;
someone offering me a place to camp at an event.

I, personally, owe a large debt of gratitude to Innes because that's
exactly what she taught me. To keep on a lookout for those that look out
of place, then to share my chairs, my feast gear, my campsite, and much
more. And she NEVER made me feel stupid when I said, did, or wore the
wrong thing. Instead, she always made me feel welcome as she nutured me
along. Now, I am able to give back.

I also feel this strongly about the Canton of Loch Ruadh.  They are a
great bunch of folks who believe in nuturing new comers on the new
comer's level. They make them feel welcome and like they're an important
part of the group.NOTHING is done without populace vote, which makes
everyone feel important and needed.

No, you haven't seen me at Elfsea's fighter practices lately. I don't
fight (well, at least not with armor and swords). I do, however, support
my Canton's fighter practice as do about 25-30 other people. We even
hold special classes and games so everyone is included in something of
interest. I really can't say I remember anyone being recuited from being
at or watching a fighter practice.

Most of my recruiting has not been at events. My recruiting has been
mostly by "word of mouth;" what I do when I'm NOT at an event is usually
an open door for someone to ask me about the SCA. Such questions as:
"Why do you cut down trees and make bows?"  "Why are you buying all that
wire?"  "Chainmaile? What's chainmaile?" "What in the world are you
going to use that fabric for?"  "Why do you need 40 lbs. of carrots and
20 lbs of broccoli?" "You're cooking a medieval feast for HOW MANY???"
I also have cards advertising my personal Website that I pass out. From
those, I've had responses that should benefit Steppes, as well as
whatever group(s) is/are in South Texas.

And, I have no problem (as Innes has taught me) to call someone up and
say, "Hey - there's a meeting tonight, want me to pick you up?" or "You
need a ride to SpringFaire? I have an extra tent if you don't have one...".
I've recruited people from work (Hello, Maria!) who have done really
well. I've also recruited some people who've no longer wish to be
associated with the Barony. (One lady felt at home in Loch Ruadh but
after making her first and only posting to this E-mail list she was
blasted so severely that she returned her garb, gave me all the fabric
she'd bought for garb, and left.)

In Loch Ruadh, if there's a problem with someone/something in the group,
it is dealt with honestly, privately, and without delay and then it is
clear that, once the matter is settled, FORGIVENESS is implemented
immediately. Future caution may be required, but forgiveness is imperative.

There's a bunch of us that have been attending a Middle Eastern Dance
class on  Thursday nights. We have a blast. And, you know what?  Other
than the Baron/Baroness' daughter and Thora from Dragonsfire Tor (yes,
all the way from Granbury!) most of the women there on a regular basis
are from Loch Ruadh and they've either come with me in my vehicle or
followed me.

In short, it takes an individual effort from each of us to do one thing:

//Lady Elizabeth Hawkwood
Life is Good in Elfse, but Loch Ruadh Rocks!

timothy at elfsea.net wrote:

>>Newcomers would rather avoid arguments exactly like this one and keep >their mouth shuts until they've been around awhile unless they are >specificly asked about something as a newcomer.
>Alright ... Good newcomer, please tell me what you think.  I personally believe that everyone should feel welcome to voice their opinion, be they new or old.  Share with us your thoughts please?

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