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       I had attended renaissance faires in California and loved them. Dan
was introduced to SCA through work, his secretary. He started going to
fighter practice and I thought there would be nothing for me to do there and
I wasn't going to hit people with sticks. Then we went to Elfsea Springfaire
in 1998 at the Brown's. I wore my best polyester costume. What first
impressed me was being approached by a young lady and offered water - FREE,
instead of trying to sell it to me for $3.00 a bottle. I noticed Dana, Bice,
and Innes (and maybe others I don't remember) sitting under a pavilion
watching the fights and one of them went and stood by the field and another
said "She has a son on the field." and a third one said "So do I, but I'm
gonna sit here in the shade and smoke my cigarette" and I laughed and was
pleasantly surprised that granny types were enjoying this game as much as the
young 'uns. But it was hot and we had no chairs and no shade so one of my
goals is to make sure there is always shade and chairs for people who do not
know to bring them. And lastly, at feast, some merchants loaned us tables to
sit at and things to sit on. Hospitality is most important.
HE Siobhan

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