[Elfsea] What Hooked Me

Tangwystl tangwystl at elfsea.net
Thu Oct 31 07:47:19 PST 2002

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I too had been a big fan of ren-faires.  I had always heard through the
fairs that the SCA was full of snobs and material people. Then I met Arodonn
  That dispelled that notion very quickly!  Then I went to Coronation.  The
paegentry and detail was overwhelming.  And then Arodonn iintroduced me to
Noreen and Randal and I fell in love and said good-bye to ren-faires and
embraced the SCA with all my heart.  I remember the kindness and caring I
found in everyone I met that day and try to do the same to all newcomers
that I meet.  So though my lord is what got me there, the people and the
family" atmosphere is what hooked me.
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