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> > In the past we have done this by asking a large group of us,
> > "What event, demo, fighter practice, whatever was your
> > introduction
> > to the SCA?" It is interesting to see the results.

My eldest son had seen people fighting in Randol Mill and wanted to
go play, too. He was about 15 at the time. He and his mother started
going to the park at "their thing together". When we were divorced,
she did not want to continue, but he did. So I took up the banner
and began to take him to practice.

He loved Llwellyn (who was not yet Baron). David was apprenticed
to a Master Blacksmith in mundane life and began to research what
blacksmiths knew in the 1500's. Some rapier fighters began teaching
him how to fight, but he eventually began to lose interest when
they would not let him play until he became 18.

I had been impressed by how friendly the people were, the complexity
of the organization (knowing what to call people, persona, officers,
etc), the martial arts, the other arts, the feasts... I was hooked.
So when David lost interest, I did not. And I am still here.

I came to fighter practice only for some time. Then went to a couple
of events (Tor Yule Revel, Steppes Warlord, Lindenwold Revel, ..).
One of the first was a Baronial College with a feast afterwards. It
was wonderful and surprising. Sir Arthur was there and spent quite
a bit of time with my son.

At Tor Yule Revel, I met Adelaide and asked her what that upside-down
two was on her sash. She introduced me to Xene who was the Kingdom
Chirurgeon and Baroness of Elfsea. I became an Apprentice Chirurgeon
that day. When I finally turned into a Journeyman, I tried to become
the Baronial Chirurgeon. Stella (the Seneschal at that time) told me
I could do that, but I would have to start attending business meetings
and Moot regularly. I did and the rest is history ;-)

My son David is thinking of coming back to play in Archery and
Rapier (he is 23 now). His brother is thinking of heavy. I would
have guessed the flip of that. They both go to school at UNT in
Denton and will probably play there.

Long winded as usual,
Caelin on Andrede

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