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Thu Oct 31 09:33:32 PST 2002

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Greetings to all who missed MOOT monday night,
       MOOT went very well Monday night. We had a Herald in Training and she
did a marvelous job. We rearranged the room. We put the tables in the back
and set it up more like a court.
       We passed around a sign in sheet that showed we had 32 in attendance,
including 3 new people, who had been at the Keller demo. Belladonna and
Mobius are new to the area and Mobius has played before when he was in the
military. Katlyn has been to fighter practice and joined me in MOOT as my
lady in waiting for the evening. We missed representatives of Loch-Ruadh but
we realize they had some important business to attend to that evening. We
also missed representatives of the College of Threebridges.
       Dirk the Just received a portcullis for his service to the Barony. He
is a quiet but dilligent worker who can always be counted on to show up at
fighter practice and anywhere else he is needed. And he always looks so darn
good as one of our guards. We felt we could not postpone showing our
appreciation of all he does for Elfsea.
       Business meeting will once again be at my house this coming Monday
night. All who are interested in the business of the Barony are welcome to
attend. Happy Halloween.
In Service to the Crown
HE Siobhan
Baroness of Elfsea

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