[Elfsea] first SCA exposure

Ldyinnes@aol.com Ldyinnes at aol.com
Thu Oct 31 16:05:31 PST 2002

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Ok,   here goes mine.

My son had been playing SCA for a few years before I went to an event. My
mother had just passed away in 91, after 15 years of working and caring for
her, needless to say I had no friends and was really depressed and lonely.
Baroness Alyce Carvellsdaughter  and HL Custance nic (somthing, I am not
going to attempt), conveniced me to go to Inmans coronation in June of 91,
well that did it, All the pomp and ceremony, the garb, the colors, just
awsome,   and I am still here today,
not as active as I would like to be.  But I'm here to stay.


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