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I also was at that event Innes. That was a great event to have gone to.
Ld Carlos
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>Ok,   here goes mine.
>My son had been playing SCA for a few years before I went to an event. My
>mother had just passed away in 91, after 15 years of working and caring for
>her, needless to say I had no friends and was really depressed and lonely.
>Baroness Alyce Carvellsdaughter  and HL Custance nic (somthing, I am not
>going to attempt), conveniced me to go to Inmans coronation in June of 91,
>well that did it, All the pomp and ceremony, the garb, the colors, just
>awsome,   and I am still here today,
>not as active as I would like to be.  But I'm here to stay.
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